Are you interested in recent issues on democratisation and freedom of expression in Ethiopia?

LA-DEM-MED Ethiopia, LAW, DEMOCRATISATION and MEDIA endeavours to strengthen the rule of law, promote democratisation, consolidate civil rights, support policy reform and government performance, and encourage bottom-up public participation and active citizenship in Ethiopia.

LA-DEM-MED provides an innovative and effective platform of advocating and engaging with the state and the public at large in order to achieve social transformation and justice, collaboration, empathy, and civic engagement and contribute to shaping a civil society agenda towards supporting the rule of law, media and civil society in the current democratisation process in Ethiopia.

The objective of LA-DEM-MED Ethiopia is to promote:

  • Peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
  • Human security: reduce levels of violence and fear experienced
  • Rule of law: citizens are better able to access their rights through fair, efficient, impartial, independent and accountable institutions
  • Peace and governance: states, regional and local authorities and societies at large are able to effectively prevent and resolve conflicts in a non-violent and inclusive manner.

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LA-DEM-MED is funded by NUFFIC under the Orange Knowledge Programme.